The theme of be careful what you wish for in the ransom of red chief a short story by o henry

Henry share Two kidnappers get more than they expected from their young hostage. Transcript of radio broadcast: Here is Shep O'Neal with the story. It looked like a good thing.

The theme of be careful what you wish for in the ransom of red chief a short story by o henry

Posted on July 12, by communications norfolkacademy. At the time, however, it did not seem that way. Distrust always overruled diplomacy. Also, what we now consider the current threat to civilization, religion-driven terrorism, was a rare aberration.

Today both of those themes seem thoroughly contemporary. Voices in the Dark The bracing chill in the air was enough to remind a native that winter had not yet had its final say.

Chief Inspector Wilhelm Heilemann raised the collar of his overcoat and shivered. All optimism aside, it was simply too cold for this kind of thing. He had been waiting at the edge of the tarmac for hours that seemed like weeks. No amount of last-minute activity or mental review and analysis could make the time pass quicker or make him warmer.

His men, plain-clothes and uniformed, lined both sides of the runway. They guarded every access to the landing strip. They were interspersed at regular, carefully determined intervals along the streets adjacent to the airport. Heilemann had joked repeatedly that the motorcade would pass more disguised policemen than civilians, a fact for which the American press would offer all kinds of arcane explanations.

The essential point was that the Inspector did not want an embarrassing incident. While an assassination attempt was probably out of the question, there was always a chance the radical fringe would do something unexpected and uncivilized.

That would not happen here. What do you think this is? As he glanced around him in these final, frigid moments of waiting, he smiled.

The Soviet agents had been hardly more cooperative or courteous. They had merely informed him that they would be keeping their man secure.

Local assistance was fine; but in their minds, it was an unreliable trifle not to be taken seriously. And now — finally — the two leaders would appear and take the well-lighted stage to wave, smile, and posture. It was a wonder there were no elephants with tiny flags in their trunks.

Heilemann nodded to a subordinate a few yards away, and the man raised a walkie-talkie to pass the alert along the security network. Reporters and cameramen jostled each other as they pressed against the barrier separating them from the red-carpeted access ramp.

The main event of this circus was about to begin. The Inspector was confident that his planning, medieval or not, would prevent a recurrence of the Brussels incident. A person without clearance could not get close enough to threaten the motorcade or the residence that was its destination.

The show must go on. Have you brushed your teeth? Why all this concern with details? He had a new ship to sail, and these delays only heightened his eagerness to get to the important things.

A second later, dutiful and methodical steps could be heard on the stairs. Although his hair was thinning and gray and his features were well lined, he still radiated authority.

The theme of be careful what you wish for in the ransom of red chief a short story by o henry

Like Siegfried and Frederick Barbarossa, he had fought great enemies; but unlike the names from myth and legend, he had survived the conflicts. To them he was an aging anachronism, kept around more from a sense of duty than of love. The family owed the old man lodging and as much comfort as they could reasonably afford in his twilight years.

He had supplied similar needs for his children in the difficult post-war years, when their mother was ill and they were too young to work. He was also a help as a babysitter for Hansel, as long as they kept an eye on what he said and did.Now, the VOA Special English program, AMERICAN STORIES.

(MUSIC) We present the short story "The Ransom of Red Chief" by O. Henry. Here is Shep O'Neal with the story.

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"The Ransom of Red Chief" is a classic tale by O. Henry that features an adventurous plot, unforgettable characters, and just the right amount of comedy to keep students engaged until the very end.

This unit includes many engaging resources that focus on prediction, vocabulary, irony, characterization, and theme, along with other valuable skills.

Jul 12,  · In short, this was nuclear blackmail, without the hope of ransom. After the night assaults, the two world leaders prudently decided to cut short their negotiations and resume them “at a mutually convenient time in the future”. In short, the answer is "be careful what you ask for." In O.

Henry's story, the narrator and his friend, Bill Driscoll, have decided to kidnap the son of a prominent local citizen in hopes that. "The Ransom of Red Chief" is a short story by O.

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Henry first published in The Saturday Evening Post. It follows two men who kidnap and attempt to ransom a wealthy Alabamian 's son; eventually, the men are driven crazy by the boy's spoiled and hyperactive behavior, and pay the boy's father to take him back.

Theme Conflict Rising Actions Climax Falling Action Exposition The Ransom of Red Chief takes place in a cave near a little town called Summit. Bill and Sam kidnap a ten year old boy named Johnny for ransom because his father, Ebenezer Dorset, is wealthy. Always be prepared and plan ahead.

Know what you are dealing with.

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