The significance of van mahotsav for

It was named by the Roman Senate in honour of Roman general Julius Caesarit being the month of his birth. Prior to that, it was called Quintilisbeing the fifth month of the month calendar. It is on average the warmest month in most of the Northern hemispherewhere it is the second month of summer, and the coldest month in much of the Southern hemispherewhere it is the second month of winter. The second half of the year commences in July.

The significance of van mahotsav for

History[ edit ] Ganesha, Basohli miniature, circa It is unclear when the festival started, it became a major social and public event with sponsorship of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj after Mughal-Maratha wars, and again in the 19th century after public appeal by Indian freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak[15] who championed it as a means to circumvent the colonial British government ban on Hindu gatherings through its anti-public assembly legislation in Ganesha The earliest mention of Ganapati, but not referring to the current Ganesha or Vinayaka, is found in the Rigveda.

It appears twice in the Rigveda, once in hymn 2. Ganesha appears in the medieval Puranas in the form of "god of success, obstacle remover". For example, carvings at Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples such as at the Ellora Cavesdated between the 5th and 8th century show Ganesha reverentially seated with major Hindu goddess Shakti.

I followed with the greatest curiosity crowds who carried in procession an infinite number of idols of the god Ganesh. A crowd, more or less numerous, accompanies the idol, clapping hands and raises cries of joy, while a little orchestra generally precedes the idol.

Tilak believed that this effectively blocked the public assembly of Hindus whose religion did not mandate daily prayers or weekly gatherings, and he leveraged this religious exemption to make Ganesh Chaturthi to circumvent the British colonial law on large public assembly. The Goa Inquisition had banned Hindu festivals, and Hindus who did not convert to Christianity were severely restricted.

However, Hindu Goans continued to practice their religion despite the restrictions. Many families worship Ganesha in the form of patri leaves used for worshiping Ganesha or other godsa picture drawn on paper or small silver idols.

In some households Ganesha idols are hidden, a feature unique to Ganesh Chaturthi in Goa due to a ban on clay Ganesha idols and festivals by the Jesuits as part of the Inquisition.

Public preparations for the festivities begin months in advance. Local Mandapa or Pandal 's are usually funded either from donations by local residents or hosted by businesses or community organizations.

The making of the Murti in Maharashtra usually begins with "Padya pooja" or worshipping the feet of Lord Ganesh.

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The Murti's are brought to "pandals" on the day or a day before the festival begins. The pandals have elaborate decoration and lighting. At home, the festival preparation includes purchases such as puja items or accessories a few days in advance and booking the ganesh murti as early as a month beforehand from local artisans.

The murti is brought home either a day before or on the day of the ganesh chaturthi itself.

The significance of van mahotsav for

Families decorate a small, clean portion of the house with flowers and other colourful items before installing the idol. When the Murti is installed, it and its shrine are decorated with flowers and other materials.

On the day of the festival, The ceremonial installation of the clay murti idol is done along with chans of holy mantras and pooja including bhajans during a certain auspicious period of the day.Shri Ramesh Chander Bidhan, IAS Director, Skill Development & Industrial Training.

'Van' means 'forest' and 'mahotsav' means 'festival' "Van Mahotsav" is an annual tree-planting movement in India which began in year The name Van Mahotsav means " FESTIVAL OF FORESTS ". It has gained significant national importance and every year, millions of saplings are planted across India in observation of Van Mahotsav week.

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The significance of van mahotsav for

Investiture Ceremony commenced by invoking the blessings of the Lord through the lord’s prayer and a scintillating and spiritual dance rendition to Ganesh Vandana. Contribute Your Ideas (0) Login or Register to add your comment.

News updates. Van mahotsav is an annual pan-indian tree planting festival,occupying a week in the month of this event millions of trees are planted. It was initiated in by K.M Munishi,the union minister for agriculture&food to create an enthusiasm in the mind of populace for the conservation of forests & planting of trees.

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