The alliance between honda and rover

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The alliance between honda and rover

Sterling was a brand created out of the blue to relaunch Rover Group vehicles in the U. Rovers had, of course, been sold as Rovers through the midswith the P6 sedan being the most notable model.

British Leyland brought just over a thousand examples of the tragically federalized Rover SD1 for the model year to the U. Needless to say, Rover lost money on this venture as it had gone through the trouble of federalizing the car with sealed-beam headlights, bumpers borrowed from tugboats and bolt-on horsepower reducers for the emissions system.

More importantly, the Rover name was damaged by the SD1 debacle, prompting the The alliance between honda and rover to start anew in the U.

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By this time, the SD1 was finally exiting production after what seemed like decades and its replacement was the Roverdeveloped in a partnership with Honda and sharing many systems with the Honda and Acura Legend, as it was known stateside. The impetus for the Rover and its Honda twin was the fact that Rover needed a replacement for the SD1 and Honda needed a large luxury model, a segment that it had avoided entirely before the s.

Work on the Honda Legend and the Rover began in as Rover SD1s were still sitting in dealer lots with another six years of production assured for the model. Honda provided the V6 engine for the new model to be shared by the two vehicles, while Rover took on the task of creating a smaller straight-four for the sedan.

The task of designing the electrical systems was also somehow entrusted to Rover. At this point you can probably guess what happened later. Starting in the U.

The Sterling model was powered by a 2. The featured a Honda-built 2. S dealers, an impressive number even today.

The alliance between honda and rover

This meant that Ford stores, for instance, with no experience selling expensive luxury cars were suddenly hawking and servicing Honda -engined British cars. Ads promised luxurious wood interiors with wood elements, as well as a sporty ride. The first model year turned out to be the best one for the marque, but selling a luxury car in was like shooting fish in a barrel, at least before the stock market crash.

Sterling dealers moved just over 14, cars inwith sales dipping to just under 9, for the model year as the initial rush of orders died down. The magic of Japanese engineering failed to rub off on the Sterling as the and featured electronics by Lucas, a name that still causes classic British car enthusiasts to jolt awake in the middle of the night with something resembling a bark or a muffled scream and to mumble, almost unintelligibly, the directions from a wiring diagram that they had worked on years ago.

Even aside from electrical issues the early Sterling models suffered from unsightly assembly problems in the otherwise-handsome interiors, which used real wood. Corrosion and trim issues popped up on the early models as well, with Sterling and Acura models ending up at the two extremes of the quality rankings, though there is some evidence that Sterling quality was merely uneven as opposed to poor across the board.

The attrition rate has been pretty high, despite many shared components with the Acura Legend Photo by Jay Ramey We take a ride in one of the few Rover SD1s left in America When it arrived on the automotive scene inthe Rover SD1 caused nothing short of a sensation.

Combining hints of Ferrari Daytona styling with a range capable engines and a spacious interior that Aside from misfortunes related to build quality, Sterling also had the misfortune of launching at a time when three Japanese brands launched their own luxury divisions in the U.

On top of this, Sterling faced competition from back home in Old Blighty as a redesigned Jaguar XJ sedan debuted in to tempt fans of British luxury.

The alliance between honda and rover

Sales of Sterlings fell every year for the five years that the marque was offered in the States, with the Rover Group calling it quits in A considerable number of cars remained unsold by the time the company pulled the plug in latewith dealers selling the remaining cars over the next year or twoas with the SD1, at bargain prices for those brave enough to take them.

What became of some 35, Sterlings sold in the U. Despite the fact that Honda dealers were perfectly capable of servicing Sterling models and many continued to do so, the attrition rate was high even compared to the last Peugeot and Renault models sold in the U.

The mid-Atlantic states, where the bulk of Sterlings were sold, retained most of the examples sold in the U. Yes, this is a Civic-based Rover in Quebec.

It is not native to Quebec. Photo by Jay Ramey One last hurrah: Even though Sterling closed the Rover chapter in the U. Running parallel to the series was the series, a midsize sedan developed with Honda and which shared many parts with the Civic. The similarly styled was renewed for another generation in with the Rover version only exiting production in The Honda Rover partnership also resulted in some bizarre branding exercises aimed at the Japanese market, with the Land Rover Discovery being offered as the Honda Crossroad in Japan.

Jay also likes to kayak and bike.The Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, currently the world’s biggest automaker by volume, plans to launch 12 electric cars between now and Most of these will come from Nissan which is.

Five decades of automotive pioneering. Marino's Automotive Group is a family owned and operated company consisting of Lakeshore Honda, Westend Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover Metro West, Marino's Fine Cars Subaru and Volvo Metro West.

The Honda S Type V just might be Japan’s best-kept secret, one that’s been kept even tighter-lipped than the peculiar homologation that is beer and milk. Onward, to Alliance. On sale between and , all Alliance models were assembled in Wisconsin.


The Alliance offered three different body styles for the Francophile American — a sedan, coupe, and cabriolet was available. Honda Cars India has introduced cm advanced infotainment system, with capacitive touch-screen – the DIGIPAD –in its new BR-V.

Digipad along with having advanced touchscreen audio video navigation (AVN) system also has a rear parking camera & rear parking sensors to offer a more convenient and safer parking experience. The new features have been introduced . the rover/honda alliance and the bmw Rover was an ailing car manufacturer in the 70's, owned by the British government, which was losing a significant amount of money.

It was having trouble with quality control mechanisms and needed a new product in the "lower .

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