Sfsu graduate studies thesis

The study should involve a synthesis of concepts and methods learned in more than one course, and exhibit awareness of previous work in the area of study. This requirement also aims to provide an opportunity to the student to learn and practice the means of written and oral communication.

Sfsu graduate studies thesis

My life, however, as an SFSU graduate student and as a working class immigrant Pilipina American who has supported herself since age speak of a different experience.

Watching both my parents slave over 12 hour working days, seven days a week in menial labor jobs just to make rent for a one bedroom apartment was my reality as a child. My parents' work ethic and daily struggles continue to serve as an inspiration for me to Sfsu graduate studies thesis for a relevant and meaningful education and profession-and to be the first in my family to receive a graduate degree.

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My most rewarding experiences in college, however, were outside of the classroom walls. Magazine's Top 10 Student Leader in the Nation for initiating my own community service tutorial project in South Central, Los Angeles-a poor, urban and underserved community.

The project was called Project S.


South Central Evening Tutorial and we mentored and tutored the children of immigrant parents who were attending evening adult school four nights a week. My work with Project S. At the SRC we served over 5, "at risk" and "historically under-served" students a year.

We worked to retain students on academic difficulty and to readmit dismissed students through peer counseling, mentorship, academic workshops, and student initiated seminars.

Sfsu graduate studies thesis

I hope to use this degree to prepare me for a Ph. Being a full time student and simultaneously working 20 hours a week at the College of Education's Cahill Learning Resources and Media Lab or Cahill and has been both challenging and rewarding.

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At SFSU, I have been able to coordinate programming and curriculum displays for the staff, students and faculty of the College of Education. My work on and off campus as a graduate student continues SFSU's legacy of having a community based education. I have also been invited to facilitate workshops on multicultural education and community development for a class in the College of Education and with a visiting Pilipino student organization from Los Angeles.

Bell is a graduate from SFSU’s M.A. Program in Ethnic Studies with an emphasis in Africana Studies. Prof. Bell’s area of expertise is Africana Literature. His Master thesis focused on two early African American writers of the late 18 th century, Phillis Wheatley and Richard Allen. Graduate Studies Master of Arts in Classics The Master of Arts in Classics introduces students to advanced methodologies used in the study of the ancient languages, the interpretation of ancient texts, and the analysis of material culture. The Chinese Program at San Francisco State University offers a Masters Degree in Chinese with a curriculum encompassing classical and modern Chinese literature, Chinese linguistics, and Chinese language pedagogy. or a Master's Thesis and Master's Comprehensive Oral Examination. See below for a checklist for completing .

I have a social responsibility to share with the community what SFSU has contributed to my learning and my personal development. Without any source of income for the academic year, however, will make it difficult to continue my graduate work while being in great financial difficulty.

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Receiving the scholarship will provide me with the peace of mind and security to manage my rent, utilities, transportation and book expenses. The scholarship will allow me the time to focus on maintaining my 4.

My parents' legacy and experiences continue to motivate me to persist and to use my education to better the conditions within immigrant, working class communities. I trust the scholarship selection committee will provide me the support I need to continue my studies here at SFSU and to actualize my professional goal to be an educator.Experience Requirement form and approved thesis or written creative work for Summer graduation, Division of Graduate Studies 4/26 Faculty SFSU hood colors only cap and gown rental deadline for Commencement.

To place orders after the Graduate Studies Graduate Studies Master of Arts in Classics The Master of Arts in Classics introduces students to advanced methodologies used in the study of the ancient languages, the interpretation of ancient texts, and the analysis of material culture.

Graduate students who entered the program Fall Graduate students who entered the program Fall Chase Boyer. Chase recently graduated from Humboldt State University with a B.A. in Psychology and an emphasis on development.

Sfsu graduate studies thesis

The Commonwealth Club of California is the nation's oldest and largest public affairs forum. As a non-partisan forum, The Club brings to the public airwaves diverse viewpoints on important topics. Looking for information on: *Advancement to Candidacy (ATC)? *Culminating experience?

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*Thesis/dissertation format? *Steps to graduation? Get your questions answered at the Continuing Student Workshop! She has previously worked as a Graduate Student Affairs Office for the College of Chemistry at UC Berkeley and as a Graduate Admissions Specialist for the Division of Graduate Studies at SFSU.

She has also served as the Program Manager for the LEAP .

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