Prioritizing the wrong thing

However, the strategies you use in your life are going to be extremely personal to you. Each of us has a unique combination of our personalitypreferences, lifestyle, and circumstances.

Prioritizing the wrong thing

State of Startups Every year, we survey as many venture-backed startup founders as possible to figure out what it's like to run a technology company right now.

This year, we got more responses than ever before — — giving us an even more precise pulse on what entrepreneurs think, feel, fear, and value. As we have sincewe're excited to present the results here — starting with the trends and insights that stood out as important or Prioritizing the wrong thing.

Before we do, though, we want to acknowledge the significance of two ongoing conversations in our industry — both of which are heavily represented in the results we chose to feature. The first is about diversity and inclusion, which we incorporated into last year's survey to get founders' perspectives on root causes and possible solutions.

And the second is about sexual harassment. We included a number of questions about this issue inand the results were stark. At First Round, whenever we ask founders what data they most want and need, they almost always say the same thing: To answer these questions, we're pleased to publish the industry's largest set of data specific to the founder and startup experience — we hope you find it informative and insightful.

They also split on public perception of the issue. Female founders' top solutions: Male founders' top solutions: With Bitcoin and Ethereum hitting record highs, and ICO financing outpacing early-stage venture this year, the founder community seems to be embracing this new form of funding.

The most eye-popping stat: In andengineering leaders were far and away the hardest executive hires to make.

This looks like the start of a sea change as more enterprise companies enter the fray, compete for talent, and see firsthand how costly a bad VP of Sales hire can be.

Compared to their peers who think fundraising's a piece of cake, founders who struggle made the same mistakes more often: So, it's not surprising that female founders are also much more likely to say that investors hold the power in negotiations — they have every year.

Kudos to the third of male respondents who acknowledged that gender probably helped their fundraising ability. To the 12 men who said it hurt their chances By far, good character stood out as the No.

Prioritizing the wrong thing

On The Market Is now a good time to be starting a company? On Leadership If you have at least one co-founder, how would you define your co-founder relationship? Check all that apply On Fundraising In your last round, did you raise more or less than you targeted? On Investors 17 Over the past few years, do you think power has generally been in the hands of entrepreneurs or investors?

On Exits Compared to today, over the next 18 months On Hiring and Firing Is it easier or harder to recruit talent this year than last year? Choose one 34 What is the average tenure of a non-executive employee at your company?

On Diversity And Inclusion What is the male to female ratio of your board? We'll make sure it's there next year. On Sexual Harassment Have you or has someone you know personally experienced sexual harassment in the workplace?

About The Respondents What was your last funding round?The biggest thing you need to take from those who have found immense success in affiliate marketing is their mindset. They are a step above the rest of us when it comes to the way they think and that has led them to realize their dreams.

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Why You’re So Busy But Get Nothing Done

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The Periodic Table of Product Prioritization Techniques. When I started working on this guide, I immediately felt the need to visually organize all of these techniques in a way that made sense and showed the context in which each of them is valuable.

Is it Convenient? Would I Enjoy it? Wrong Question.