Outline anthropology

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Outline anthropology

The most important thing in choosing a paper topic is to make sure that your interest is sufficiently engaged so that you can sustain the effort necessary to produce a work that is satisfying both to you and to your instructor.

Be sure to do some library work the first or second week of class and then come in to see me to discuss your choice of topic. Only one person per specific topic will be allowed, so choose early.

The Research Paper

In choosing a paper topic, it is important to do the preliminary bibliographic research to make sure that you will have enough material to write the paper you wish. For human biology, there are several important online databases that need to be consulted to find recent, appropriate journal references for your paper.

You should make an exhaustive search of four of these in particular. These are available through the UA Library web site at: For an excellent introduction to doing bibliographic research at UA, see Dr.

Murphy's Bibliographic Search Strategy. A Warning About Sources: A research paper requires information from sources that are as reliable as possible.

In science and the social sciences, this reliability is established by the peer-review process. Academic journals subject articles to the peer-review process so that other professionals have examined and vetted the information before it is published. A research paper should rely only on peer-reviewed information.

For that reason sources like "Discover" or "Science News" are not appropriate sources, although they may point you to good refereed sources. Web sites rarely present refereed information and material on the web is extremely suspect. You may find good figures on the web for presentations or papers, but the information is not likely to be useful.

This resource is accessible both on campus and from home. This source has bibliographic, abstract, and full text data on a wide array of periodicals useful for anthropological research.

Anthropology Definition: A Introduction with Lavenda & Schultz

It can be searched by keywords for subjects, journals, authors, etc. Be sure to do general searches with at least the Social Science and Science Citation Indexes checked.

If you have a key source or classic article that you have found on your topic, you can enter the information about this article and see who has published work citing the article.

This way you can work forward from an older piece to newer references. Abstracts of many of the articles are available. Full bibliographies are available from all of the articles in the database.

Outline anthropology

This provides the most comprehensive online database of health-related journal articles. It is available to the public and can be accessed from home or campus without going through the UA Library site. After finding a suitable set of references, be sure to check that the journals or books are available at the Library.

If they are unavailable in our library and full text versions are unavailable online, you will want to use our online Interlibrary Loan Services.

See how to access these at: Start early on your search so you ensure having sufficient resources for your paper.

Failure to meet a deadline on the paper will be penalized by reducing the grade on the late element of your paper by one letter grade per weekday. Your paper must be submitted as an e-mail attachment, using some version of Word as your word processor or saving your document in a word file format. This paper will be posted to the web so that other students can critique your work.

Formatting rules Title page: Be sure to include a title page including the title, your name, the date, number of text pages, number of pages of references cited, and number of tables and figures.

The text of the paper, including the reference list, must be double-spaced and 12 point in size.Biological anthropology is a popular area of study within anthropology. It is the combination of both the biological and social sciences to answer questions about human adaptability and evolution.

As far as research methods go, biological anthropologists tend to include more traditionally scientific research, including lab work, data analysis. Chapters 7 & 8.

Outline. Chapter 7: The Primates. Primatology. TWO kinds of primates (of importance to Anthropologists). Those whose ecological adaptations are similar to humans: Terrestrial monkeys and apes Those that are closely related to us: the great apes, specifically the chimpanzees and gorillas.

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Outline anthropology

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Outline for an Introduction to Anthropology course, providing an anthropology definition by demonstrating contemporary anthropological findings. Anthropology Outline Essay Using skills practiced in the Literature review, the student will prepare an Outline essay, which involves developing the essential elements of a good essay in outline form.

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