Natalie attired v new mexico employment security board

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Natalie attired v new mexico employment security board

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The United States is a net energy importer from Canada Source: Energy Information Administration, based on U. Census Bureau Canada is the largest energy trading partner of the United States, based on the combined value of energy exports and imports.

Although the value of bilateral energy trade with Canada has varied over the past decade, driven primarily by changes in the prices of oil and natural gas, the overall structure of bilateral energy trade flows has changed relatively little, with the value of U.

Natalie attired v new mexico employment security board

Increasing energy commodity prices in led to growth in the value of both exports to and imports from Canada. Based on the latest annual data from the U. Canada is the main source of U. Canada is the largest source of U.

Natalie attired v new mexico employment security board

The value of U. Inthe value of U. Canadian crude oil imported by the United States is largely produced in Alberta and consists mainly of heavy grades shipped primarily to the Midwest and Gulf Coast regions.

Until the removal of restrictions on exporting U. Bilateral petroleum products trade with Canada is relatively balanced in both volumetric and value terms.

However, the mix of petroleum product flows between the United States and Canada varies by product and region. For example, the United States is a net importer of gasoline from Canada, with significant volumes flowing from refineries in Eastern Canada to serve markets in the Northeast United States.

In contrast, very little of the petroleum products exported from the United States to Canada are finished transportation fuels. Pentanes plus, liquefied petroleum gases, and other oils constitute most U. Some of these products are used as a diluent to enable pipeline movement of heavy crude oils produced in Canada.

Bilateral natural gas trade between Canada and the United States is dominated by pipeline shipments. Natural gas imports from Canada increased to 8.

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Increases in pipeline capacity to carry natural gas out of the Marcellus and Utica shale formations increased flows of U. A small amount of electricity is traded by states outside the regions shown. Electricity accounts for a small but locally important share of bilateral trade. · Questions Presented * Can Natalie Attired file a claim against New Mexico Employment Security Board (NMESB) for wrongfully withholding her unemployment compensation?

* Should Natalie be able to receive unemployment compensation? Natalie Attired filed for unemployment compensation benefits after being terminated in June , but was denied by the New Mexico Employment Security Board on the grounds of misconduct.

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