History of the vietnam war from 1959 to 1975

It fought a guerrilla war against the anti-communist forces in the South. The People's Army of Vietnam also known as the North Vietnamese Army engaged in a more conventional war, at times putting large forces to battle. The Vietnam War was very controversial, and it was the first war to feature live television coverage.

History of the vietnam war from 1959 to 1975

Gale Encyclopedia of U. Several presidents and Congress supported American intervention in Vietnam to halt the Communist North and Ho Chi Minh from overtaking the entire country.

History of the vietnam war from 1959 to 1975

American support came in the form of economic aid, military supplies, and, eventually, combat troops. The process began when the United States began to assist the French in maintaining Vietnam as a colony and started to wane after American troops pulled out in early From the initial interest expressed by the United States until the midpoint of the actual war, a gradual and sometimes rapid escalation of American troop presence characterized U.

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Its main adversaries, however, were the Soviet Union and China. As the United States saw a strengthening of the Vietnamese Communists, it began to aid France in trying to quell this movement. France wanted American combat troops, but Truman never gave any.

It supplied the French with arms and materiel, and two hundred air force technicians. Byafter a defeat at Dien Bien Phu, the French lost interest in their colony.

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American policy toward Vietnam focused on preventing a Communist takeover. Vice President Richard Nixon was the first high-level official to pose the question: Within two years, American military personnel were sent to Vietnam, assigned to help the Vietnamese fix the equipment the French left behind.

After the Geneva Conference ofwhich was convened to determine the fate of Vietnam after the French defeat, Vietnam was divided at the seventeenth parallel.

As American support for a democratic Vietnam grew, so did the preparation for a military campaign.

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A federal study group recommended in a forty-thousand man increase in the South Vietnamese Army and a major deployment of U. On May 11, President John F. Kennedy added four hundred Special Forces troops to the hundreds of advisors already on their way.

These helicopters mostly took South Vietnamese troops into battle. They felt ground troops would be necessary and this mission would not take more thanmen.The Vietnam War first began in , five years after the division of the country by the Geneva Accords. Vietnam had been divided into two, with a communist regime in the north under Ho Chi Minh and a democratic government in the south under Ngo Dinh Diem.

Vietnam War () The Vietnam War. The Vietnam War or the Second Indochina War was a Cold War military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from [1] to 30 April The Vietnam War was the prolonged struggle between nationalist forces attempting to unify the country of Vietnam under a communist government and the United States (with the aid of the South Vietnamese) attempting to prevent the spread of communism.

History of the vietnam war from 1959 to 1975

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Timeline of the Vietnam War. Citation: C N Trueman "Timeline of the Vietnam War" srmvision.com The History Learning Site, 27 Mar the Vietminh started a campaign of guerrilla warfare in South Vietnam American .

Find this Pin and more on Vietnam War - by Gary R. Vietnam War The Vietnam War was America’s longest war. In total, the conflict in Vietnam lasted from to The official dates o.

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