Financial aspects of wound care

Six out of ten venous leg ulcer patients experience pain with their ulcer, [10] and similar trends are observed for other chronic wounds. Persistent pain at night, at rest, and with activity is the main problem for patients with chronic ulcers. Cause[ edit ] In addition to poor circulationneuropathy, and difficulty moving, factors that contribute to chronic wounds include systemic illnesses, age, and repeated trauma. Comorbid ailments that may contribute to the formation of chronic wounds include vasculitis an inflammation of blood vesselsimmune suppressionpyoderma gangrenosumand diseases that cause ischemia.

Financial aspects of wound care

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Financial aspects of wound care

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Financial aspects of wound care

In this guide, we assume that:General practices need to review their wound care service delivery and ensure they are providing best practice care while maintaining the financial viability of their practice. Further investigation is needed to determine what impact the changes to funding for practice nurses has had on the delivery of wound care in general practice.

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The Wound Clinic at Valley Medical Center provides care for patients with wounds that do not heal for various reasons, such as venous or arterial insufficiency or pressure.