Evaluate the claim that the senate

But a week after the voting, Democrats are riding higher than they thought on election night. As vote counting presses on in several states, the Democrats have steadily chalked up victories across the country, firming up their grip on the U. The slow roll of wins has given the party plenty to celebrate. President Donald Trump was quick to claim victory for his party on election night.

Evaluate the claim that the senate

November 12, Guest: We need to spend more time. Have a great evening. Thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. Rachel has the night off. And happy Veterans Day.

This is a long weekend for some people. You may have noticed that the news really did not slow down this weekend, like not even for a second. Not even for a two-day, let alone a three-day weekend.

These absolutely terrifying and terrifyingly destructive fires have continued to ravage California. The death toll from those fires rose precipitously through the weekend. But, of course, the midterm elections that happened almost a week ago have continued happening.

Not just through the weekend, but right up to this very moment. The Republican candidate Martha McSally conceded not long ago in a video tweeted out by her campaign. There she is accompanied by her dog. National Republicans, including the White House have reportedly been urging her not to concede and to join them in pushing conspiracy theories about the vote count in Arizona.

But she has declined. This was the scene over the weekend as captured by a producer of this show outside the Broward County supervisor of elections office, where votes are being counted in Florida Senate and governors races. As you can see, the protests outside the elections office in Broward County look a little more relaxed today, almost more of a tailgating feel to them if your tailgating parties resembled a Donald Trump party.

Beyond the parking lot, the legal battle over these Florida races is really only getting started. But his lead over Democrat Andrew Gillum has shrunk considerably since Tuesday night as more votes have been counted in Democratic strongholds like Broward County.

DeSantis is ahead of Gillum now by fewer than 34, votes out of over 8 million cast. That makes the margin less than half a percentage point which in Florida triggers an automatic machine recount of the votes.

Evaluate the claim that the senate

The same goes for the Florida Senate race. But that race is much closer. As you can see, NBC News still has this race too close to call. He told me earlier the hand recount is where things may get really interesting. In the issue in Broward County is you had this extraordinary number of what they call undervotes, votes that were cast — whoa — votes that were cast for governor but were not cast for Senate.

There were about 26, ballots that left that Senate contest blank. And the question is why in a county that Bill Nelson is getting 70 percent of the vote.

They were feeding them into machines. It was for some reason missing all these voters for the Senate. Well, if there is a manual recount. That will find that and they will find tens of thousands of ballots with names checked off in Senate race.

Again, keep that margin in mind.

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A defamation lawsuit might remedy that.

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