Cancer council essay competition 2012

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Cancer council essay competition 2012

Principles and Practice of Oncology. These updates have been collected into a monograph.

Cancer council essay competition 2012

As a result the subjects are diverse, with the common thread being that they are cutting edge subjects. The book commences with a major issue in survivorship, that of sexuality after cancer.

Twelve chapters cover broad topics focusing on fertility, body image and rehabilitation, to more specific discussion of sexuality in BRCA carriers, after breast cancer, prostate cancer, pelvic radiation and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

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The subject is comprehensively addressed and the chapters are well referenced. The next chapters address a completely different issue — controversies in the management of Hodgkin lymphoma. It is perhaps ironic that this is still a hot topic almost 50 years after the first use of MOPP chemotherapy, which followed the demonstration of cures with extended field radiation.

However, the major issue is the use of combined modality therapy, with less radiation to reduce the toxicity. Will this result in the same durable responses?

The roles of each treatment modality are discussed and the late effects of the disease and its treatment are presented. Moving on to the management of peritoneal carcinomatosis, we have the best illustrated section of the monograph.

These topics are highly specialised, however it is useful that all of the latest literature is collected together in this series. Another highly specialised topic is that of charged particle therapy.

The issue here is the expense of proton beam accelerators and the question of whether they are still justified given trials of intensity modulated radiation therapy, such as in prostate cancer where it appears to be as good as proton beams. However, for other indications, collecting the evidence requires an investment into the technology, which is problematic.

A more general, but most important subject, is that of measuring therapeutic response to treatment. Several pivotal questions to be addressed include the significance of stable disease, particularly with the new targeted therapies, the significance of progression free survival and whether it really is a surrogate end-point for survival, what biomarkers can be used in trials and how meta-analysis can be used to validate markers.

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The final subject explores the use of new agents in myeloma and how to integrate them into standard therapies including, with haematopoietic transplants, and their use in refractory disease and maintenance therapies.

The next generation immunotherapies are introduced. This is an important update supplement to the well-known oncology textbook and deserves to sit next to it on the bookshelf for the wealth of information it contains.BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. The latest Technology news, reviews & opinion from The Age covering IT, Mobile, Internet, Social, Industrial & Research Technology and Science.

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Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technologyis a premier science research competition for high school students. A dministered by the College Board, the Competition is a program of the Siemens Foundation and was launched in RCS in Hong Kong AGM, 23rd January On 23 January , the Royal Commonwealth Society in Hong Kong held its 31 st AGM.

The Chairman, Mrs Joan Campbell, reported that had been a very fruitful year given regular lunch meetings with interesting guest speakers and other events.

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