Bluegrass music essay

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Bluegrass music essay

What is Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar? Doing so emancipates the fretting hand from having to hold chords- the guitar is already holding a chord for it there are exceptions, of course.

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The reason is that it allows us to touch the strings LESS. When we touch the strings, they stop ringing- fingers act as dampeners. They create a droning effect, and that conveys the magical resonance, the illusion that there is more than a single instrument playing.

It truly is beautiful and unique to slack key. You will note that many slack key songs have the player only fretting the two high strings i.

This is an essential element to slack key in its pure form.

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Many players learn the melodies of Hawaiian mele but fail to master the bass part. This usually occurs on the two or three highest pitched strings, but of course varies broadly. For, slack key guitar, in the Hawaiian style, can not be performed simply with mere technical knowledge or prowess- it must come from the soul.

As Uncle Led once said, slack key is the way we love each other, the way we share our Aloha with each other.

Bluegrass music essay

Some players come to Hawaiian Slack Key from other genres. The following is merely my opinion: This is my experience. When we listen to those who come to slack key from the outside world, we can hear it in their playing.

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Just as we recognize in hula the need for a Kumu and an empty mind to begin the journey, so does the same apply to this cultural heritage.

Slack key is evolving. I myself am participating in its evolution. To this day I can still kani all of the songs I was taught by my Kumu just as I learned them as a young boy.

I just recorded an album of some of the songs Sonny taught me- exactly the way he showed them to me. This is the key:Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, or Kī Hō’alu, is an approach to playing (generally acoustic but sometimes electric) guitar based on the following 2 characteristics: TUNING and TECHNIQUE..

TUNING The strings are tuned relative to each other so that when strummed . Lilac Bloomsday Run held in Spokane, Washington features over 50, runners, joggers, and walkers.

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